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Though the Crowdfunding did not succeed, thanks everyone for supporting us - don't hang your bows on the wall just yet! It's not the last you'll hear about the Celestial Hunt! ;)

Take part in the greatest archery-oriented FPS inspired by Far Cry series' open-world design and Doom's fluid, power-fantasy combat!

Become the Celestial Hunter - a mortal, legendary archer, chosen to atone for his sins by serving the Daughter of Sun. Reclaim her homeland
from the hands of ruthless Son of Moon and his armies in an epic power
struggle of one-versus-many. Will YOU stand to the challenge, or perish
into the Void?

This is the Proof-Of-Concept Demo of  Redum Of Sun, planned for full developement for PC Windows (Linux/Mac builds are also possible in the future).

Install instructions


1. Download the .ZIP file

2. Extract the .ZIP file

3. Run .EXE file

4. Experience the Beautiful Carnage!


REDUM OF SUN - Prototype Demo.zip 168 MB


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THE BEST demo game on itch.io! I WOULD SERIOUSLY PAY LIKE $10 for a FULL VERSION and im a broke college student so me giving u $10 is sayin somethin. ( it means I LOVE this game pls make full version ) Oh and pls fix the trees, it makes me like idk how to say it. its like when i get on the trees they make me sink in the tree, can u make it so i dont sink but stay on the tree.


It is a pity the crowd funding did not succed. The game and the combat run great.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Truly a wonderful game!

The graphics look amazing, everything runs so smooth, and the combat feels just right!
The only thing I was missing, was a destination, a story.. It would be nice to get a better idea in-game what you have to do so to speak :)

Looking forward to what the game has to offer in the future!

Like some others, I made a video, feel free to have a look!

This game is amazing!!!!! Pease make a full version it was sooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omg this game is amazing plz make a full version ill pay!!!


I Had troubles downloading it

looked cool anyway


Am I allow to play your game on youtube? (Asking permission if I can let everyone see you game)


Are there any chances you will develop this game still? It's super awesome and I'd love to play the full version.

I wish i had the vocabulary and experience as the person who posted the comment bellow mine s/he said it perfectly


I gotta say. That was pretty friggin sweet. Like first, this is probably one of the better representations of a bow I've seen. Arrow speed's just right, you draw quickly, you don't move like a slug, and the sound effects! That kind of hollow scrape when you draw the bow? Exquisite. The twang does a good job or representing the kind of strength bows deliver, so satisfying, every shot just feels great, made even better when you're practically flying with each jump. If I had one complaint, I wish I could've changed aiming sensitivity... But hey, that's a moot point, that would've been added later, so yeah. 9/10, pretty good for a demo, and just, pretty damn good overall!

I am so sorry to hear the game didn't get funded, and honestly, as broke and hungry as I am, if I knew about this game sooner, I would have saved up some money to help fund it. Seriously though, great stuff. 

Ar really good game and i will look forward to see the game progress !

Hey Devs,

I did a video for the prototype and I actaully felt that it should have got the crowdfunding it needed although I did think that it was missing something but i'm not sure what. The graphics are pretty cool and the actual gameplay was pretty neat with a great concept.

A very chilled game.

Thanks Devs



This game is amazing! Greatest game ive played in a while, not graphics resourceful even with such stunning ones! Movement is super smooth! Gameplay and everything else is top notch!

i Hope to see this game come out into a full one! I would buy it!

Nice game congratulations: 

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Cool vid dude! Real pleasure to watch ;D

Thanks for great feedback also! A whole load of features were planned for the full release, but with the crowdfunding not reaching the goal we'll need to wait longer for that ;)

Keep up the great youtubing! ;D

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This game is really cool and unique, I really enjoyed it until I got very lost, so I decided to go and look for secrets/bugs. I noticed about 3 "bugs?" from what I explored. #1 running down hills cause player to bounce which could just be a unity problem which it isnt too bad #2 some trees you can climb straight up and clip into the tree *which is also not terrible it's just something I thought you'd wanna know* #3 I noticed one of the map barriers wasn't completely invisible *although for all I know it could've been done like that on purpose* other than that the game so far is very impressive and very fun to play! looking forward to see what kind of progress is made in the future


Thanks for the the bug reports - noted for the future ;D

cool game but i wish the enemy's were closer together

I thought the purple arrows worked liked a shield but sadly they don't


I like the visual style. I hope those settlements will have NPCs too. :) And more enemies.

Great feedback, thanks!

And indeed, the full release will be much more lush in activities around the world  ;)

Sweet, looking forward to that. :)

Beautifull! Very satisfying to blow up targets. Loving the bullet ammo mechanics. 

was very fun keep up the good work


Will it be released on Windows...?

Indeed, PC Windows is the primary platform for our developement. ;)

But why does it say that its not avalable for Windows then

Yup, we forgot to tick Windows in the description. Now  it shows the right info ;D

Hahah, It shows up now, thanks :)


Really enjoyed the game by the way

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Absolutely love the demo, I gave my thoughts pretty in depth at the end of my video. It feels like Far Cry but with so much more heart and soul.


Please feel free to use this to raise awareness for your work, an outside opinion can be a huge help and I have nothing but praise for this.

Thanks a lot for great feedback ! :D We've spent a lot of time making this Demo - we're glad the work payed off :D

For a demo with the appearance of such simplicity, it does a fantastic job of communicating what the player needs to know. The environment does a fantastic job of directing the player into an area right away without outright telling you what to do, the beacons did a wonderful job of showing the player where to go rather than telling them and the health/ammo felt obvious but natural in sense of "there's a bunch of crystals lying around and all I have is a bow... SHOOT IT!" that shows you a mechanic while letting the player discover it. All in a world that felt both minimal but deep and simple but rich. From a mechanical and visual standpoint I was blown away for something with the label of Prototype Demo, I'm really looking forward to what comes of the full project.

We're flattered to hear such positive words. We hope the Crowdfunding will bring enough supporters to allow us to bring even more to the table - we still have a lot to show in the future! :)

Thank you again - it means quite a lot to us, especialy that we're just two guys who love to make their dream game come true. :)